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About me

I am a warm, compassionate and empathetic humanistic psychotherapist and have been working with adult individuals and couples in private practice since 2012.

Before training to be a Psychotherapist, I spent 23 years working as an actor in film, television, theatre and radio. This career of observing the human condition fuelled my interest in people and how the mind works, why we do the things we do and how our interior world manifests itself in our behaviour and the space we take in the world around us.


As both a parent and a step-parent, I feel attuned to the joys and challenges that can arise within family life and have an understanding of the support that is needed to be the best of ourselves within that context. Through my professional experience, I have experience of the uncertainty and joy that comes with freelance creative careers and how that can affect our self-esteem and world-view.


I have been in my own personal therapy for a number of years and believe that it is essential that I understand what it is like to work as a client. With this experience I also bring to the room my insight and ability to be appropriately challenging when I feel it is beneficial to the therapy.


I am passionate about therapy and continue to expand my knowledge to help my clients navigate and process whatever is present for them.  I believe wholeheartedly that by providing a safe space filled with compassion, people are able to see the truth in order to make meaningful change.

About Me
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